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PvP in Free MMORPG Games

Player vs player content, also called PvP, is a tricky thing. On one hand, most people will agree that PvP is absolutely essential for all MMORPGs but getting it just right and balanced is not easy to do. The best PvP in MMORPG games needs both fun and fairness to succeed.

Players prefer a system where they have a fighting chance against players of other classes or races that are not too much higher or lower level than they are. In other words, they prefer a balanced PvP system where a barbarian can fight a wizard if they are of the same level.
In addition, there is also the problem of higher level people picking on or “griefing” lower levels. The upcoming MMORPG, Scarlet Legacy (closed beta to be launched on August 4, 2011) has issued this press release that details some of the measure the game developers have taken to make the PvP and PvE battles with friends or allies in the game more fun.

At level 30, players can enter into a Master and Apprentice relationship.  This is a great way to introduce your friends to the game regardless of the level difference – if the master is online while the student is playing, the student will gain bonus experience.  This boon scales up the higher level the Master is, so seeking a seasoned veteran is very important!  In exchange for their advanced knowledge, each time the Apprentice gains a level his or her Master gains currency to spend in the games item shops and item mall; they will also receive additional bonuses if their Apprentice tries out the cash shop for themselves.

Players who have taken an oath together with this system share a number of benefits including shared foe and blacklists for in-game PvP and PvE systems, as well as special abilities such as instant teleportation to one another, and other in-game perks

This is a good way to let older players help newcomers to the game while giving both of them some valuable rewards.

Here is a complete list of MMORPGs that encourage and support PvP combat.

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ARGO Online News: Great Field War This Weekend

ARGO Online’s battlefields will be crowded this weekend as the Shining Desert, a vast and sandy expanse which lies at the heart of ARGO Online, will play host to the steampunk-fantasy MMORPG’s first official “Great Field War” this Saturday, July 16, at 9 pm PST.

Field Wars are a new update. During these daily events, players from both the Floresslah and Noblian factions will battle for control of the rare and valuable mineral Earthdium. Players from each faction must coordinate their assault to try to destroy the enemy faction’s mine. The winners will then enjoy access to the bountiful Earthdium deposits at the core of the desert as the spoils of war, while the losers wait in shame for an opportunity to try again.

For this special Great Field War event, players will not only be able to participate in the brutal battle for access to the best Earthdium mining in the game, they’ll also be entered for a chance to win a unique item that cannot be found anywhere else in ARGO Online. Winners will be selected randomly from the participating players, so be ready for a serious fight this weekend if you want a shot at the prize!

ARGO Online has been named one of the Top 5 MMORPGs of 2011 by MMO Worlds.

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Anime Third Person Shooter Online Game

Oh goodness me! There is a new free game I discovered and it’s an anime third person shooter online multiplayer game. Isn’t that a mouthful?

S4 League is a game that tried to pack every sort of fun thing you can imagine on an online game. Season Two will be released later this month (July 2011) so it’s a good time to play S4 League as the community is very excited about the planned update.

Developed by Neowiz Games, S4 League is a fast-paced, multiplayer third-person shooter that has captivated players in Asia and Europe since its release in 2008. Featuring eight distinct character classes, team-focused gameplay modes, and a wide variety of weaponry and skills to wield, S4 League continues to deliver a top-tier gaming experience to players around the world.

Neowiz Games is one of the leading companies in the Korean gaming industry with an expertise in developing games which will be refinanced by selling virtual goods. Cooperating with other leading enterprises throughout the world, such as EA Games, the company quickly became a global publisher. Neowiz Games maintains a vast presence in the Asia-Pacific region and is planning to further expand to other countries.

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Create Your Own Game Like the Sims

Create Your Own 3D Sims and Games

Award-winning 3D software company, Caspian Learning, today unveiled the latest version of their exciting 3D sims & games creation software will be completely free to use.

Caspian Learning unveiled a the new version of their award-winning Thinking Worlds 3D simulation & games creation technology today. The new version  will be available to download and use for free – forever – which is a huge shift from the previous retail price of $4999. The software enables designers to create sims & games rapidly, whether they are advanced or novice users. Free users will have the option to pay for upgrades which add more advanced features.

The concept behind Thinking Worlds 3.5 is that it is able to remove traditionally hard to overcome game design barriers such as the need to have a deep understanding of programming language, the difficulty of adding new 3D art and the problems associated with publishing games. With Thinking Worlds, games like “The Sims” are easy to create, objects are easy to import and finished projects are easy to publish as programs ready to run on standalone PCs, web browsers or even iPhones and iPads.

Free to Download and Use – Forever

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Big Update for Maplestory!

Wheee! It’s a good day for Maplestory players ecause a great new update has just been released. It’s also a good time for old players who quit to try it out again and see if they like it again because everyone loves free MMORPG games like Maplestory.

MapleStory’s Chaos update begins: Age of Heroes update now live

A wave of pandemonium has hit Maple World as the Age of Heroes storms MapleStory. The Age of Heroes is the first in the Chaos series of summer content updates for the 2-D side-scrolling MMORPG from Nexon.

Players will now be able to party up and explore the Gate to the Future and its surrounding ruins, which contain mutated versions of low level monsters that may be familiar to veteran fans. These mutants however are much more powerful than their counterparts and will prove to be quite the challenge. Additionally, players can explore the Knight Stronghold, which is filled with enemies with the same skills and abilities as the Cygnus Knight character class. Players can now battle their way through the Henesys Ruins and the Knight Stronghold to investigate the corruption of Empress Cygnus and her knights, which will ultimately prove to be the most formidable challenge in the entire game.

Players will also experience a complete hero class rebalancing coming to MapleStory as a part of the Age of Heroes. Restrictions for creating Dual Blade, Aran and Evan classes will be lifted, and these classes will have various new skills added and return as completely revamped characters. Even further, the Cygnus and Resistance classes will return with a more balanced skill set But Maple World must beware: in the wake of new alliances forged, players should be on the lookout for new class relationships as old friends can just as quickly become bitter enemies.

The Age of Artisans is the next major update taking shape for Maple World, which brings an entirely new weapon and item crafting system to MapleStory. Starting July 11, players will be able to use the Smithing technique to create armor and weapons, Alchemy to craft potions and pills, or Accessory Crafting to make belts, rings and more.  In addition, a personality trait system will be added through the Age of Artisans, which gives players a chance to define their characters even further by strengthening traits like Ambition, Willpower and Diligence. Each personality characteristic provides a distinct aid throughout quests or battles.

If that doesn’t float your boat then you can try something different like out list of free games like the Sims or MMORPG games like WoW.

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Classic Fairy Tale MMO – Under Developement Upcoming MMO

An upcoming MMORPG that is still under development has released this new trailer. From the Dream Drops press release:

In Dream Drops, classic fairy tales are altered and well-known characters are transformed. Inspired by beloved European fairy tales, Dream Drops offers a new spin on these classic stories, settings and characters. In this new fairy tale world, Snow White’s sweet innocence is only skin-deep; the Queen of Hearts isn’t quite so cruel and arrogant, and the not-so-timid Pinocchio is steadily growing more and more powerful! The perverse personalities of these familiar fairy tale characters, together with their new, surprising abilities, will amaze.

In a parallel world live the characters from fairy tales: enchanted creatures, princes and princesses, witches, wizards, and more. In this world, time is a precious resource. People who can control time and travel to different places are called Sleepwalkers. Able to freely travel to and from various story settings, they spend their time embarking on different adventures. However, in order to escape the real world and enter a new time and space, one must pass through the deepest and darkest of dreams. This is why Sleepwalkers call their destination After Dreams. In this seemingly pleasant world of, danger is ever present.

I’m a sucker for cute MMORPGs! No link because the game is not yet out but keep an eye out for this new upcoming MMORPG.

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Runes of Magic is Totally Awesome!

Just how successful and awesome is the free MMORPG Runes of Magic? According to the official game statistics, it’s super awesome!

  • 6,667,370 characters have been created
  • a total of 3,505,269 quests have been completed
  • 4,622 guilds have been created
  • 36,681,098 monsters have been slain

That’s a how much gamers love Runes of Magic. For more information about Runes of Magic and to play it for free visit this website:

For two years players have been wandering the lands of Taborea, the world of Runes of Magic. Millions of characters have been created, thousands of quests have been completed, and scores of professions have been learnt. Reason enough to take a look at the statistics. Which profession is the most popular? Which pet are players clamouring after? Our statistics have the answer.

In the past two years, 6,667,370 characters have been created. Of which 2.2 million are mages, nearly 650,000 are rogues, and just as many warriors. An especially popular class combo in the dual class system is the priest/mage combination. There are clear favourites in the choice of secondary classes as well: with 350,000 players, the priest is the secondary class of choice, while the warrior has won over around 150,000 players. Out of all these players, 3,3 million have chosen herbalism as their farming profession, whereas the crafting profession, Alchemy, has attracted 1.1 million players. To keep them entertained along the way, more than 100,000 players have chosen the Rune Pet as their favourite in-game companion.

But what would a true MMORPG be without instances and bosses? This is where the Demon Lord comes into the picture. He’s been taken down 4,521 times. But there are also many other fearsome bosses to conquer such as maxim Erekat III, the endboss of the Dungeon of Dalanis, who has been defeated almost three times as often as the Demon Lord. Bringing down Raksha has also proved to be a tricky assignment, until now, he’s only been vanquished 182 times on the games highest difficulty setting.

The English speaking servers have seen the biggest bloodbath of all. A total of 3,505,269 quests have been completed, 4,622 guilds have been created, and wait for it, 36,681,098 monsters have been slain by Anglo speaking warriors everywhere. And still the monsters come back for more.

Free to play MMORPGs 2011

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Looking for the Worst Indie Game Press Releases

Amagad, why are people looking for the worst press releases? Here’s the story from Gamasutra.

The GDC Europe 2011 Independent Games Summit on Monday 15 August sees IndieCity’s Backend Guru and indie developer Deejay host the Indies’ Got PR Talent panel, discussing indie marketing and PR with the knowledgeable assistance of’s Jim Rossignol, Christian Nutt from and Michael Rose from

This panel of veteran indie games journalists will share their opinions, advice and expertise critiquing the PR efforts of indie developers à la popular game show Britain’s Got Talent. Even more than mainstream game developers indie developers depend on the press for exposure, often with zero marketing budget and little PR experience. This revealing but entertaining session will seek to illuminate the writing of attention-demanding, cliché-free press releases, understand the requirements of games journalists from different media, discover which trailers and screenshots grab the eyes of the press and illustrate how to make contact in a professional yet sincere way.

“We’re really looking forward to receiving the very worst examples!”, says Deejay. “It’s really useful for indie developers to get a chance to learn from the mistakes of others and let’s face it, press releases are so often where we all fail in the beginning.”

Whoa, that’s  a bit mean! Although to be honest I have read more than a few press releases with bad grammar and such.

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World’s Largest Teen Virtual Community and Social Game

So which games are breaking records for having the most number of players registered or online? Well, Habbo Hotel for one! Habbo Hotel is the world’s largest teen virtual community and social game, with more than 200 million registrations. Sooo many players means lots and lots of fun!

Habbo Hotel is a game like the Sims where you control a virtual person in the game. It’s sort of a cross between a life sim and a role playing game. Since it’s online, a large part of it is all about social interaction like chatting and playing the game with other people.

It sound simple but the figure “200 million” really speaks for itself. Click here to play Habbo Hotel now.

Each individual registration equals one virtual character called a “Habbo.” The 200 millionth Habbo was created during the first week of January in in the US.

Habbo Hotel was founded in 2000. Since then, it has expanded worldwide, and currently has users from more than 150 countries globally.

Its 10th anniversary was celebrated in 2010. It was also the site’s most successful year, as 42 million registered characters logged in, representing one-fifth of the total Habbos ever created. These characters spent over 400 million hours enjoying the social game and community over the entire year.

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One Million Registered Players for Battlestar Galactica Online

The top free browser MMORPG game Battlestar Galactica Online really puts the “massive” number of players in other games to shame.

Bigpoint, makers of Battlestar Galactica Online has announced that the popular free MMORPG no download game has passed one million registered players in just six weeks, becoming the company’s most successful launch since its founding in 2002. Based on the internationally popular Syfy television series produced by Universal Cable Productions, Battlestar Galactica Online is a free-to-play, browser-based space combat MMOG that combines high-quality, 3D graphics with intense gameplay.

“There is always a risk when you translate a well-known IP into another medium,” said Heiko Hubertz, CEO and founder, Bigpoint. “We built what we believed was a recipe for success; a fantastic gaming experience inspired by an iconic show, with the added benefit of being a free-to-play title. We are grateful to the fans for their support and interest in this game, and pledge to continue to improve and optimize the game.”

Through 2011, Bigpoint expects the number of players in Battlestar Galactica Online to continue to grow as it ramps up its international marketing and partner activities. Unlike most online game companies, Bigpoint leverages a vast, global network of over 1000 distribution partners who publish games on their portals. Moreover, Bigpoint localizes its games into 25+ languages and incorporates over 150 payment solutions, which helps it attract players more than 250,000 new players every day.

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Real Time Strategy War Game

WarFlow, 2011’s most popular free real time strategy war game, had its ninth server “Luisdgar“ released after eight weeks of its launch. The ninth server release was celebrated with the well-received “First Three Killers” and “Top Three RP Rankers” events. Players in the new server are able to win a maximum of 4,100 Gold from these two events. Additionally, 500 free Gold and 6 Treasure Boxes (for players to hunt for various in-game items) are given away to everyone.

WarFlow’s unorthodox game system has been praised by all war game fanatics.

In WarFlow, gamers can straight up attack enemies at the right beginning without waiting for anything to be prepared beforehand. As all the WarFlow features are aimed at military victories, WarFlow gamers are more than happy to do anything needful, which of course can be finished very fast, unlike the other war strategy games that require a long, frustrating, teeth-pulling process of building construction and soldier production.

WarFlow offers plenty of chances for gamers to utilize their wisdom and tactics in military formations, Heros, troops, attacking, defense and medication, so that gamers can focus on military actions instead of being distracted and frustrated by any pointless features.

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Award-Winning Iron Grip Series Update News

As part of the latest patch for Iron Grip: Marauders, the Top Free Browser MMO Online War Strategy Game players will be getting access to two hero units (they will also have the chance to control their ally Farlix and his customized heavy tank, but we won’t go into detail about him here). These units will be available to all players, high or low level, and although they will be most useful to lower level players, no-one should dismiss them out of hand.

About the Iron Grip:Marauders Update

Emilia is a sniper who deals a lot of damage with each shot, especially against soft targets. If she doesn’t have to move or deploy in a turn, she can fire twice. As well as her skill with a sniper rifle, Emilia is also an experienced scout with a long view range, so she can spot for the rest of your army if you need her to. That said, she can fire even further than she can see, so if you want to keep her safe she can support your forces comfortably from behind your lines.

Vancer is a veteran tank commander, who fights from a customized tank destroyer. Like all tank destroyers, it has long range and a powerful cannon which will tear through enemy armor. But Vancer is far more survivable than normal tank destroyers, and while the quality of his vehicle may not be that much better than average (he’s a commander and not a mechanic, after all), he knows several tricks and techniques that keep him and his crew in the fight long after any similar vehicle would have been disabled.

Even if you don’t plan on making use of Emilia or Vancer, there are three individuals out there with similar talents, but who are less friendly to you. You may run into one of these ‘anti-heroes’ in battle. Osmanov commands a customized Royal Artillery, Cosper has equipped his heavy tank with a rocket turret, and Hassletot uses her fast raiding vehicle with dual machineguns to harass enemy forces and cut down infantry. Watch out for them, because they will show your troops no mercy.

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MMORTS News – Iron Grip

Iron Grip: Marauders update news! Hero Units have been added to the online strategy game  The Hero Units are one of the most important components in another extensive upgrade of the game aimed to even further improve the gameplay.

Hero Units

Gamers now get the opportunity to play with three different Hero Units. The elite sniper Emilia and Vancer, commander of a veteran tank destroyer, are stronger than regular units and will be at the player’s disposal to aid them throughout Iron Grip: Marauders. Farlix is a special hero who will be present in some missions, with his customized heavy tank. Players will need all the help they can get, because the AI has also acquired a number of Hero Units.

New Units and Structures

Several regular units have also been added. The battle-hardened Elite Troopers and the devastating power of the Rocket Artillery provide gamers with the necessary punch to turn a battle in their favor. The Baron Artillery Tower MK4, on the other hand, can transform any base into an impenetrable stronghold.

Marauder Bosses

Finally, the number of Marauder Bosses has been increased from five to nine. So, gamers should be vigilant, as Telura Geen, Davos the Mighty, Big Rikk and Kaddus Sterne have joined the ranks of those looking for easy prey among the players of Iron Grip: Marauders.

Play Iron Grip: Marauders for free now or check out a list of the Best Free Online Strategy Games of 2011.

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I’m making money from Triond!

Triond is great, you can publish your stuff there and also earn money. People who already have their own website or blog won’t need to earn money on a third-party website like Triond but for those people who are looking for a place to post their stuff an earn money online from writing what they love, Triond is the best.

It’s free to join, of course. Here’s an example of what your published work will look like:

Free MMORPG 2011 – Gameolosophy

You will not be limited to writing about free games. Writers are allowed to write about any topic that interests them. Check out this other example on a different topic:

TCM & Acupuncture for Bronchitis, Chest Congestion: Is It Really Effective?

Notice that the look of the published article is different depending on what topic you write about. You can also see that there are ads. When visitors click on those ads you can earn money. :)

Join Triond now, it’s free and fun to use.

Here is another post about it: Freelance Writers – Make Money Online with Triond

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