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Free Browser MMORPG Like Runescape But Better

Free Browser MMORPG Like Runescape But Better

An old video about browser MMORPGs. Actually, I still play Runescape. Go figure!

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Check Out This Promotional Video – Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Best Free MMORPG 2013: Non-stop Fun All Night Long Video from Youtube

Looks like it is going for the male demographic, right? So does this video turn you off or do you think its a good idea to use a sexy video like this?

One the one hand, this is much less boring than all those MMORPG game videos that are like “commentary on the E3 preview of XXX game” (which is basically just one guy droning on about the latest hot new MMO game), so that’s a big plus. It’s also fairly short so I like it.

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I’m really digging this new game

I’ve been going crazy over this new (for me anyway) Facebook game, Maplestory Adentures. I just cannot get over how incredibly, delightfully cute everything is. All those cute little baby characters with their big eyes and cute widdle swords, it makes me wanna go “awwww” all the time. Playing it is dead easy, just log in to your Facebook account, go to the Maplestory Adventures page and start playing. There is even a short tutorial that teaches you the basics.

You log in, create a cute little anime-style super-deformed character, equip it with some tiny adorable clothes and then slaughter some 2D “monsters” whose cute artwork looks like it is straight out of a child’s storybook.


I basically just play it all day long because its great fun. :)

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Blacklight: Retribution Is the Newest FPS in Town

Hi guys. It’s spring and there are quite a few new MMO games that have been released recently. In my capacity as official staff writer of MMO Worlds I have to keep an eye out for new updates, expansions and launches.

The most recent one is Blacklight: Retribution (BLR) which is a sequel to Blacklight: Tango Down. BLR is a first-person shooter game which is a rather big problem for me since I never play FPS games. I mean, I’m just too slow and newb to play shooters. I get frustrated and start hating the game. So I palmed off the review to someone else. :)

The official website is at

Anyway, the reason I mentioned this is that I want to go on record to say this:

If you dislike a particular genre, for goodness sake, don’t review it! As a reviewer you should stay objective. If you cannot be objective then refuse the work and ask someone else to write the review. It’s not that hard. You aren’t the only reviewer in town.

Lots of gaming fans hate MMORPGs and that’s fine. People are entitled to their opinion. MMOs are not for everyone. However, for reviewers this presents a problem if you have to review one. My advice: don’t do it.

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Great News! I’m Not Going to Die!

Great News! I’m Not Going to Die!

I had a bit of a health scare recently. The doctor said I have interstitial pneumonia. It was really scary there for a while and I did have to stay in the hospital for a few days but thankfully I have made a full recovery.

In other game-related news, there are two new free to play MMORPGs due to be launched in April that I have my eye on: SevenSouls and Soul of Guardian.

new mmorpg 2012

I haven’t really tried them out yet since I still have a bit of a cough. They look pretty good from what I have seen in the trailers and gameplay videos so far.

What are your plans for April?

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WoW, a Real Shocker: Blizzard Lays Off 600 Employees

I just had to post about it. Apparently, Blizzard, the company behind top MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW) just laid off 600 people. A source says that “has said most of the job cuts are connected to customer services after it was determined that associated manpower exceeded customer demand.”

I guess times are hard even for the top game companies in the world.

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Another day, another press release

Another day, another press release

Writing for a living is a great job but maybe not as fun as some people think it is. Today I managed to write a fairly good press release. It’s nothing earth-shattering but it gets the work done.

In other news, I have been playing Echo Bazaar daily. It’s a great gothic Victorian roleplaying game. It is free to play but I do pay some real life money to get some advantages in the game.

In the developer’s blog they like to talk about narratives and games.

Three decades ago, London was stolen by bats. Dragged deep into the earth by the Echo Bazaar. The sun is gone. All we have is the gas-light of Mr Fires. But Londoners can get used to anything. And it’s quiet down here with the devils and the darkness and the mushroom wine. Peaceful.

But then YOU arrived.

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MMORPGs – You Say It Sucks But You Keep on Playing

This is a response to a comment we received here about one of the games we featured. Here is the comment from the website visitor “NoName”:

In regards to Runes of Magic, I’ve played it for almost a whole year. While I is a good f2p mmo, there are constantly problems within this game.

It is constantly riddled with bugs of one sort or another that can range from being unable to complete a quest to a processing error that automatically crashes the game. Also, if you into pvp, it is good, but still highly unbalanced as some classes have a much easier time slaying others as compared to the remaining classes. The in-game economy can be awful as well, but that varies from server to server. End-game wise, it becomes more and more apparent that you will need to spend real money if you want even decent gear for end-game activities unless you’re luck and get free handouts from players leaving the game. I would say my biggest gripe is that the developer, runewalker, normally takes weeks or months to fix bugs or errors. Some known problems that still persist existed even before I joined RoM.

Overall, gameplay isn’t bad, but there are many upon many small issues that will eventually annoy and enrage players (I know of some big players in my server who left for other games), which historically takes quite a while to fix.

Would I recommend this game to others? I’d say take a shot at it as there are good friends to be made in there, but ultimately, not worth it as this game still requires a lot of polishing and there are no signs that fixes/balances will come anytime soon.

First of all, thanks for the comment. I (this is Percy) really appreciate the time you took to write out a mini review that clearly outlines the your points.

Secondly, I think this comment shows your own opinion or evaluation of the game and when it comes to personal opinion, there is not right or wrong. Likewise when I said Runes of Magic is one of the top free MMO games in 2012 I don’t think this is a fact. It’s my opinion.

Thirdly, hmm so you played RoM for a year but you think it is not worth playing?

This is actually very common among MMO players. They play a game for ages and then get disenchanted with it. These former players are some of the most vocal critics of the game. Often they will say something like “oh yeah it used to be good but now it sucks” or “I played that game for ages but it’s not really worth playing.”

IMO, if you played it for a year then your actions show that it is worth playing. Free to play MMOs like Runes of Magic are not Facebook games. You can’t just play it right away. You have to register for an account, download the game, install it and then play.

About the other points:

“constantly riddled with bugs” – I have no idea what you mean by that. Almost all games have minor bugs but RoM is not unplayable and I have not encountered any huge game-breaking bugs.

“some classes have a much easier time slaying others as compared to the remaining classes” – eh, true but it’s like that in most games

“you will need to spend real money” – This is the perennial complaint of players of practically every single free to play MMO game in the market. Of course, most full-featured 3D MMORPG games have some nice stuff in the cash shop but NoName did say that this is only really an issue in the end game. Call me jaded but if you can play a f2p game totally for free until end game/max level content, well that is good enough!

It’s not exactly free to develop a game like Runes of Magic that has great graphics, tons of content and millions of players. I think the cash shop items are pretty well balanced in that most people except for the upper 5% or so who max out won’t really need to spend real life money at all. Even at end game you can get by with spending just a small amount of cash.

Those are my thoughts, please feel free to voice out your own opinion but keep it polite.

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The Problem with MMO Game Reviews: Why Reviewing MMORPGs Kinda Sucks

Let me introduce myself – I am a professional writer. I have to put in the word professional in there so people know that writing is work and not a hobby for me. I get paid to do it. A large part of my work nowadays is writing about MMO games. Isn’t that great?

I thought about writing this post to let my readers know a little bit about how MMO games are written about. Notice I used the more general term “written about” rather than reviewed. We will get to that later.

The Problem with MMO Game Reviews

game reviewers

The writing process looks like this

Problem 1: No one has the time to properly review the whole game.

With MMOs I have to download huge clients. This can take a very long time. Then I need to register an account, create a character and then play for a very long time. How long? At least a few hours, more likely several days.

The problem boils down to this: MMO are endless. All the content takes either forever or at the very least several hundred hours to finish. A person cannot fairly review a game after playing it a little bit but what can you do? Obviously no one has enough time to play the low-level, mid-level and endgame of every MMO they need to write about. That’s why I feel MMO reviews are all less fair than other types of reviews.

Book reviewers can read the entire book before they write about it. Movie critics finish the movie before they review it. Restaurant reviewers can sit down and eat an entire meal but can a MMO reviewer really play most of the game unless they devote a year to it?

Problem 2: How do you compare apples and oranges?

I try to be fair and review a game as it is. Comparisons are always made but only similar games should be compared, otherwise it just doesn’t make sense.

But did you know players are always looking for similar games?

It’s true! They always say “I want games like Runescape but better,” “is there any sandbox game like old SWG,” “any games similar to Maplestory,” “I need a game to replace WoW,” “no download games like Club Penguin,” etc. Almost no one ever says “I want a game totally unlike any other.”

Then do you know what happens when you do tell them about some “games like Runescape/Maplestory/WoW/whatever”? They get mad because “that isn’t like Runescape at all they don’t have any crafting!” or “that game sucks its not like WoW at all the PvP is too different.”

To these people: get a grip! There is no game exactly like RS/MS/WoW/SWG. There never will be. Okay? All the games that reviewers/writers will point out for you will be similar to it in one way or another but it can never really be the same.

Problem 3: MMOs change all the time.

This is one genre of games that is always changing. It’s not like video games where developers can sell the whole game. MMOs are constantly updated and things get moved, changed, nerfed, broken, fixed, etc. all the time. So yeah maybe that review you read says something that isn’t true anymore because it got changed.

One day you write glowingly about how players never really need to buy anything off the cash shop then the next day PvP gets broken for free players because a bunch of new items were added to the shop. That’s how it is with MMOGs.

The Problem with MMO Game Reviews: Conclusion

I’m not going to complain too much though. Writing is a great job. Playing MMO games is fun. Combining the two is awesome. It’s just not as easy or as fun as you would expect.


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Web Games – Get Free Endless Entertainment

You just have to love Club Penguin. It has it all: colorful graphics, quirky and fun games, lots of players, no download needed (you can play it on your browser) and, best of all, it’s free to play. Free to play games like Club Penguin are incredibly popular and entertaining. Best of all, I can play it with the kids in the family and spend some time together having fun in a less passive way than watching cartoons on TV.

games like club penguin

Games Like Club Penguin

Actually, I think I’ve talked about this before in an earlier blog post but today I was feeling a bit down because I read a book with a tragic ending. The cure for the emotional slump? You guessed it: colorful and free online games. It never fails, you know?

There you go, a nice video. Enjoy!

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MMORPGs: Do they stress you out?

Sometimes playing MMO games can feel like work. You log in, complete tasks (quests), get your rewards and keep on doing that again and again. It’s called the daily grind and it is getting me down.

Ideally, role-playing in a game should be more like this:

Just as being away on a trip to a far-off island can refresh one’s perspective on daily life, one can achieve the same effect and benefits by immersing oneself in the fantastic worlds of free MMORPG. There are whole worlds to choose from and many stories to pursue, and certainly many characters to be. (Source)

But most of the time, it isn’t. Most of the time it’s just grinding, farming, trying to level up your character so it doesn’t suck.

Club Penguin

Club Penguin - for the times when you are bored with your Dark Elf

So what do I do when MMOs make me depressed and bored? Don’t laugh but I actually play games like Club Penguin. You know, casual, colorful games that make me smile. I love those colorful Penguins. :)

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SOE – still okay after the hacking incident?

So I have a Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) account which I almost never use. I would have forgotten about it entirely but several months ago I got bad news in my email. It seems accounts were hacked. Again.

Clearly any rational person would move on from this and forget all about SOE. However, now SOE announced that players can now download and play its popular massively multiplayer online (MMO) action game DC Universe Online (DCUO) for free. What’s a girl to do?

Meh, I might stick to games like Club Penguin instead, I mean at least those are safer.

You see my problem, actually I would love to play SOE games but the hacking thing has made me worried about my account safety. What if I want to buy some items? Are my personal information and credit card details safe?

You can play the game for free but the content is restricted. Free and new players now have access to the base game content in DC Universe Online, including Gotham City, Metropolis, and all current raids and alerts outside of DLC packs. Free Access provides players with the ability to create two characters, join a League and many other benefits. Free level players can also purchase DLC packs, additional character slots, and more in-game.

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Bored of MMORPGs!

So I downloaded the WoW trial for free players quite some time ago and I have been playing it. The problem is, I know this is supposed to be one of the best, possibly even the best MMO out there but it just can’t seem to hold my attention at all.

What’s up with gameplay? I don’t understand why there are so many quests and all you ever do is kill things to complete them and get rewards. So everything is just running around killing ten rats… forever?
wow blood elfI do like the graphics and the sound effects. The backstory behind the blood elves is also very interesting and at first I was really into that but now it seems when I log in all I ever do is quests. On the plus side, I do love the combat system but I’m bored and I haven’t even gotten to level 20 yet.

With the open world questing, the mobs are far apart most of the time so I also don’t get how we are supposed to work in groups. I mean, okay you can kill two mobs together then you have to keep on moving. I always seem to lose my group members after than. IMO, if you can no longer see them in your screen, you have lost them. What’s the point of playing with friends if you can’t stay together in the game screen? You might as well not play together if you just independently kill things.

There also doesn’t seem to be a robust skill or profession system as far as I can tell. I haven’t had to craft anything at all.


In other news, here is a new article What is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game? and I am taking a long look at an upcoming game Blade and Soul.

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CEO of Sony Entertainment Online says Free to Play is the Way to Go

In a recent interview at, John Smedley, CEO of Sony Online Entertainment, has gone on record to say that he believes that “free-to-play is going to become the predominant model in online gaming for a lot of reasons” and “Free-to-play is here to stay. I really think we’re going to see a lot more AAA games going with this fantastic business model.” So in 2012, free to play is in, pay to play is out.

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MMO Games: Do You Play Solo or With Friends?

I was reading a new article about an upcoming MMORPG and the game developer was actually going on about how people could play it totally solo.

One of the things we really had to look at is how people play the game. If you look at studies, you’ll find that even though a person says they’re playing a game a particular way, about 40% of people in MMOs play by themselves. (Source)

solo play mmorpgs

MMORPG players like to play with themselves - Oops I meant play *by* themselves :)

Now my reaction to this is always “if you want to play solo, then buy a video game! it’s cheaper and faster to finish.” I mean, I just don’t get why people would even play an MMO game if they wanted a solo experience?

This got me to think: exactly how much of the MMOs I play do I play in groups? Or, to put it another way, how much of my time playing is spend with at least one other player?

Actually, as it turns out, I play solo most of the time! Wow, maybe I should play FFVIII on my PC instead?

Nah, I play solo 90% of the time but the other 10% I play with others is great and even when I “solo” I’m constantly chatting with people and I would miss that if I played a single player game.

Here is an interesting article about playing MMORPGs with friends.

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Discover Your Alternate Reality Identity

Play Free MMO Games – Discover Your Alternate Reality Identity


Role-playing is Fun

It has been said that learning something new improves your overall performance and development as a person. Breaking from routine and exploring other possibilities are good exercises to give the self a tune-up of sorts so you will be able to deal with new situations and challenges as you move through your daily life. Getting to know yourself better will make you do better. So try to learn something new about yourself once in a while.

Read more …

And here’s something I have been watching!

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Best Free MMO Games 2012! Woohoo!

I am currently in the process of writing a best free 2012 MMO games list. It will either be top 10 games or just as many as I want. I am still doing some research but so far I have these games on the draft.

Upcoming MMO Games 2012 (both pay and free to play)

best mmo games 2012Star Wars: The Old Republic
– alright, so it won’t be free to play but I’m sure all MMO watchers know that it’s pretty common for MMOs to launch as paid then become f2p later

Guild Wars 2
– hmm not sure if it really qualifies? With GW2 you will need to pay once for the game then no more payments after that.

– not much news about this new MMO game by Blizzard (the makers of World of Warcraft) but this game has gotten a lot of buzz lately. No news on whether it will be f2p or not.

World of Darkness Online
– Vampire: The Masquerade MMO. Pricing model is unknown for this but really with WoW dominating the market and many top games like LotR and AoC goign f2p, how likely is it that World of Darkness will be a traditional subscription game? IMO, not very likely.

The Secret World
– I love the trailers they released. Looks like it is going to kick ass! Might be free to play, the developers are being cagey about revealing their pricing model.

Transformers Universe
– another franchise game. There are a lot of those being developed. Free to play for sure as it is being made by Jagex (creator of Runescape) who are famous for their free to play games.

Torchlight MMO
– definitely free to play out of the box.

Neverwinter MMO
– free to play and this game franchise is a favorite of RPG fans so a lot of people are looking forward to playing this game.

Fallout MMO
– seems like this title has had some legal problem with different companies fighting over its IP.

I am currently doing research on the following games that seem like they are going to be f2p and released in 2012: Wizardry Online and Marvel Universe MMO.

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What Are MMORPG Games?

MMORPG is an acronym for “massively multiplayer online role-playing games,” a genre in computer gaming where the interaction among a huge number of players within the game’s virtual world happens. Just like in all other types of role-playing games, character roles, usually from a world of fantasy, are assumed by players who take control over many of the character’s actions.

Aside from the number of players, MMORPGs can be distinguished from small multi-player RPGs and those played by single players by the persistent world of the game. The game still evolves and continues to exist even when the player is away from the game and not online. The data about the game is stored on a server or servers which are normally hosted by its publisher.

Across the globe, MMOs are being played by millions of avid fans. Revenues around the world for these virtual games surpassed the half-billion dollar mark in 2005. In 2006, consumer spending in the West on subscription MMORPGs rose to more than $1.4 billion. As of March 2011, over 11 million people are subscribed to the extremely popular MMORPG World of Warcraft.

Traditional fantasy themes are what most of the well-liked MMORPGs are based on. The games are usually set in a universe similar to that of classic RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons. Hybrid themes are used by some that either substitute or combine elements of fantasy with those of crime fiction, sword and sorcery, steampunk or science fiction. Even thematic materials from the legends, myths, fairy tales, comic books, and other genres are used by some MMORPGs. The elements are developed using scenes and similar tasks that involve monsters, quests, and loot.

In almost all MMORPGs, a primary goal is the development of the player’s character. This is done through gaining experience or exp which can be increased by completing tasks, storylines or by defeating various enemies or bosses. Once the right amount of exp has been gained, the character that the gamer controls will level up. Leveling up involves making the character stronger through learning more skills or increasing innate traits such as health, strength, intelligence, agility, etc.

As the character levels up, equipment becomes more and more important. This includes clothes, armor, weapons and accessories. While low level equipment is quite easy to acquire, high level equipment is typically expensive and much more rare.

One of the most popular activities is players teaming up with other players to be able to achieve a more optimal progression rate. They can form a group or party to kill boss monsters or navigate through a dangerous dungeon. This type of content is called cooperative play but the opposite, competitive gaming, also exists and is likewise extremely popular among MMO fans.

While cooperation is needed to complete difficult tasks, friendly competition between individuals or groups is also encouraged. Player vs player or PvP can take the form of 1 vs 1 dueling, guild vs guild battles or faction vs faction wars.

In 2012, there are two big upcoming releases that are expected to dominate the market. These are Bioware’s new MMO game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Guild Wars 2 by ArenaNet. You can find the latest and freshest news about these and other upcoming MMOs at the MMO World’s Best Free MMORPG Games List 2012.

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Say Goodbye to Monthly Subscriptions with Free to Play Browser MMORPGs

I’m sure everybody would do away with monthly subscription fees for MMORPG games if they could. Nowadays free browser MMORPG games like Runescape are the most popular type of MMOs, with millions logging in everyday to play for free.

Everybody loves playing MMORPG games. How can players resist? Most MMO games offer huge worlds to explore and have many 1000’s of fellow gamers to play and team up to achieve objectives, or even to fight for treasure and bragging rights. These types of strategy MMO games have taken the gaming world by storm and millions of gamers|avid gamers} across the country play at least one MMORPG, if not more. However, a lot of them need month-to-month subscription fees and sadly that may be a deal breaker for many people. Luckily for individuals who are tired of spending monthly fees to fuel their adventuring requirements, there are many free MMOs that demand no month-to-month membership ever. In fact, one of the biggest advantages of these multiplayer games is that if you decide that the one you downloaded isn’t right for you, you have risked nothing except the time it took to obtain and install the game.

games like runescape

MMORPG games like Runescape you can play on your browser.

These f2p MMOGs rely on an ingame item shop to pay for their servers and updates to keep content fresh. The item shop is completely optional, players can play for as long as you want without ever having to spend a dime on it. However, those who shell out dollars on the cash store typically will be able to enjoy some items that help improve character customization such as special hairstyles, eye colors, emotes, and so forth. while gamers who do not spend money will have to be satisfied with the default character looks and animations.

Those looking to spend the least amount of funds possible be wise to just buy extra storage space. F2P MMORPGs are known for limiting storage capabilities right off the bat to entice gamers to buy more inventory slots for easier gameplay. When you decide how much storage space you need then any additional spending is totally up to you.

The main benefit of the cash store is commonly the cosmetic items. Gamers often love to dress their avatars and there will be no shortage of clothing to make sure that you will be playing in style. Many of these equipment are basically just costumes that make your character look stylish. They equip over your equipment and contain no extra stat bonuses.

Another popular item in the cash shop are pets. Pets are usually just a little animal companion that follows the player around. While some may help you fight mobs, most are there just for the look of things because they are cute. Pets can range from your standard cat or dog, to exotic creatures like tigers, robots, leprechauns, or even monsters like zombies, ghouls, ice monsters, etc. There is normally minigames involved with your pets such as giving them pet food and petting the pets to keep your companion happy. Pets are completely optional and you never need to purchase a pet.

f2p mmorpg like runescape

Free MMORPGs sometimes even offer you items you can purchase with real income instead of game currency such as potions and even elixirs that give you temporary boosts to experience points or luck to increase your drop rate. While most of these types of items can be bought using the game currency, they can be very expensive if your character has not identified a good way to increase funds. Speaking of funds, if you’re broke in the game world, but not so broke in real life, you can typically purchase game currency for real money to give by yourself the advantage of not having to shell out time raising funds in the game.

If you are looking to get involved in an MMORPG but do not wish to spend dollars on membership fees, a free to play one might be the ticket for you. There are hundreds out there, so research a little bit on which ones are your type. The best thing about all of this is that if ever you decided that you don’t like the MMORPG, you did not spend any cash on it so you lost nothing but a little bit of time.

Check out MMO World’s list of games like Runescape if you want to try out some no download browser MMORPGs.

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MMORPGs – Top RPG Adventure Free Games

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or MMOGs, are very popular right now. There is something incredibly entertaining about immersing one’s self in a virtual world of magical dangers and high fantasy.

You might be the adventurer who would brave the most dangerous perils and scary places to slay the evil creatures and lay claim to untold wealth. Or you could be the mage who will become the most powerful mage in the whole land. Or maybe the dark lord who will rule the many continents.
With MMORPGs, you can be anyone and anything, you want to be.

There are no limits except your imagination. Click here for the top free RPG Adventure MMO Games.

The problem is that not many MMOGs come free to play. Often, you’d have to pay for the MMORPG game itself, in addition to the monthly subscription fee. Do you want to pay good money for something people can play for free?

So many devout gamers have searched far and wide for the best free to play MMORPG games that are worth their time. It used to be that most of the free to play MMORPG games sucked but this is not true anymore. Nowadays the some of the top game companies have created top-of-the-line free to play MMO games. In addition some previously membership games have switched over to free to get more new players.

Is there a catch?

You might be wondering are these MMOGs free. The reason is simple, they operate on a different different business model compared to premium games. This is is “freemium” business model where almost all the content is given to gamers for free apart from a few paid or premium content.

In other words, when a gamer starts playing, everything is given free similar to a free trial except without the time limit. Then as the gamer levels up there may be some premium items or expansion packs offered for more advanced players. These expansion packs or items are always optional and are merely offer additional content.

Quite a few of these premium items are purely for the looks that give no any special bonuses, they are there just to make your character look good.

To give a concrete example, all free players will have to use the boring-looking steel sword but there might be a awesome-looking ice sword for those who want to buy it. The generic-looking steel mace has exactly the same equipment stats as the fun-looking glowing sword – people are paying for just to have the better-looking equipment.

Does that sound good to you? Free to play MMO games are ideal for casual players who only play occasionally because they don’t want to pay for a game they will not log into everyday. It’s also great for teenaged players who can’t pay for a lot of online games.

Those are the top reasons why players are attracted to playing these RPG adventure type of free MMORPG online games.

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