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Free Browser MMORPG Like Runescape But Better

Free Browser MMORPG Like Runescape But Better

An old video about browser MMORPGs. Actually, I still play Runescape. Go figure!

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I’m really digging this new game

I’ve been going crazy over this new (for me anyway) Facebook game, Maplestory Adentures. I just cannot get over how incredibly, delightfully cute everything is. All those cute little baby characters with their big eyes and cute widdle swords, it makes me wanna go “awwww” all the time. Playing it is dead easy, just log in to your Facebook account, go to the Maplestory Adventures page and start playing. There is even a short tutorial that teaches you the basics.

You log in, create a cute little anime-style super-deformed character, equip it with some tiny adorable clothes and then slaughter some 2D “monsters” whose cute artwork looks like it is straight out of a child’s storybook.


I basically just play it all day long because its great fun. :)

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Web Games – Get Free Endless Entertainment

You just have to love Club Penguin. It has it all: colorful graphics, quirky and fun games, lots of players, no download needed (you can play it on your browser) and, best of all, it’s free to play. Free to play games like Club Penguin are incredibly popular and entertaining. Best of all, I can play it with the kids in the family and spend some time together having fun in a less passive way than watching cartoons on TV.

games like club penguin

Games Like Club Penguin

Actually, I think I’ve talked about this before in an earlier blog post but today I was feeling a bit down because I read a book with a tragic ending. The cure for the emotional slump? You guessed it: colorful and free online games. It never fails, you know?

There you go, a nice video. Enjoy!

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World’s Largest Teen Virtual Community and Social Game

So which games are breaking records for having the most number of players registered or online? Well, Habbo Hotel for one! Habbo Hotel is the world’s largest teen virtual community and social game, with more than 200 million registrations. Sooo many players means lots and lots of fun!

Habbo Hotel is a game like the Sims where you control a virtual person in the game. It’s sort of a cross between a life sim and a role playing game. Since it’s online, a large part of it is all about social interaction like chatting and playing the game with other people.

It sound simple but the figure “200 million” really speaks for itself. Click here to play Habbo Hotel now.

Each individual registration equals one virtual character called a “Habbo.” The 200 millionth Habbo was created during the first week of January in in the US.

Habbo Hotel was founded in 2000. Since then, it has expanded worldwide, and currently has users from more than 150 countries globally.

Its 10th anniversary was celebrated in 2010. It was also the site’s most successful year, as 42 million registered characters logged in, representing one-fifth of the total Habbos ever created. These characters spent over 400 million hours enjoying the social game and community over the entire year.

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One Million Registered Players for Battlestar Galactica Online

The top free browser MMORPG game Battlestar Galactica Online really puts the “massive” number of players in other games to shame.

Bigpoint, makers of Battlestar Galactica Online has announced that the popular free MMORPG no download game has passed one million registered players in just six weeks, becoming the company’s most successful launch since its founding in 2002. Based on the internationally popular Syfy television series produced by Universal Cable Productions, Battlestar Galactica Online is a free-to-play, browser-based space combat MMOG that combines high-quality, 3D graphics with intense gameplay.

“There is always a risk when you translate a well-known IP into another medium,” said Heiko Hubertz, CEO and founder, Bigpoint. “We built what we believed was a recipe for success; a fantastic gaming experience inspired by an iconic show, with the added benefit of being a free-to-play title. We are grateful to the fans for their support and interest in this game, and pledge to continue to improve and optimize the game.”

Through 2011, Bigpoint expects the number of players in Battlestar Galactica Online to continue to grow as it ramps up its international marketing and partner activities. Unlike most online game companies, Bigpoint leverages a vast, global network of over 1000 distribution partners who publish games on their portals. Moreover, Bigpoint localizes its games into 25+ languages and incorporates over 150 payment solutions, which helps it attract players more than 250,000 new players every day.

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New Free Browser MMORPG – Pockie Ninja

Anime lovers and gamers have a new treat for them in store this summer. Pockie Ninja was just released and has a ton of events this June 2011.

Pockie Ninja is a free-to-play browser-based brawler MMO incorporating some of the best known characters and special abilities from the fan favourite Bleach and Naruto series – including Naruto Uzumaki. Pockie Ninja has amassed over 3 million registrations during it’s beta period alone!

Pockie Ninja offers a deep item synthesising system, allowing any two items to be combined into often surprising results, and a robust choice of customisable outfits that each offer special abilities and stat boosts. Pockie Ninja also does away with the usually rigid class system found in modern day MMO’s, instead allowing players to freely change their class and “school of ninja” whenever they choose, resulting in a unique experience for every character.

It’s a fun game that you can play on your browser for free, so click here to play Pockie Ninja for free now or find more free and fun MMOs at the Top Free Web Games list 2011.

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Games Like Runescape – Top F2P Browser MMO Games 2011 List

Until quite recently, games like Runescape were very hard to find. However, in 2011 there are now quite a few free browser games like Runescape. These games require no download and you don’t have to install anything. Basically, you can play these games on your browser right away for free! Click here for the complete list of the Best Free Games Like Runescape 2011.

What makes these games similar to Runescape?

1.) They are all online games. You can’t play them if you are not connected to the internet. You also cannot download or install any of these games and then play it offline.

2.) These games are all multiplayer and have a large number of people playing them at all times.

3.) They are set in online worlds where you take on a specific role like a warrior, magician, business tycoon, starship captain, etc.

4.) The games have player vs player content and competitive ranking.

5.) There is also a lot of player vs environment content. This refers to things like killing monsters and bosses.

6.) They are all free to play forever, without a limited trial period.

7.) The social part of the game is also very important. You can’t finish and win these games like you would in a console game because there is no set goal. The player simply sets his own goals and plays with others to achieve them.

These seven qualities are what makes a game like Runescape. of course, these games are not exactly like RS. If you want that, then you may want to just play RS.

RS is a very old and established game that has a lot of players. Millions enjoy the game today and no doubt millions more will do so in the future. Although everyday more people join and play the game – everyday people also quit RS and look for other, better free browser games like Runescape.

Most of the time you will just be given a short description of the game, not a long, five page review. Why?

Since you can start playing these games instantly there is no point in wasting time reading about it for ten minutes when you could just spend that time playing the actual game.

Even with the most detailed review you cannot be sure that you will like the game unless you play it yourself. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to do that when the games are free and require no download. Just click on the link, create an account and you can start playing immediately.

It’s worth noting that not too long ago, Runescape was the only game of its kind around. Probably because of its success, other game developers have been quick to imitate its free play model. This means that there are a lot of new browser games to choose from in 2011, so what are you waiting for? Try it now! Click here for more information about the Best Free to Play Browser Games 2011.

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Best Free Web Games, Best Online Multiplayer Browser Games

Are you looking for the best free web games? There are many kinds of top free online multiplayer browser games for every type of player – kids’ games, simulation games, strategy games, farm games, sci-fi games, pirate games and more. The best free web games can be played on your browser totally free and without having to download anything. Click here for the latest Top Free Web Games 2011 list.

Fun Free Web Games

Web games are a great way to entertain yourself when you are bored. It’s free and there no need to download anything although you will probably have to sign up if you want to log in to play a game.

How can these games be free? Well, most of them get their revenue from advertising while a few of the premium games may also offer premium membership items.

Free Kids’ Web Games

There are also tons of free web games for kids. Many are educational games like coloring games, art games, drawing games, cartoon games and the like.

This is a very enjoyable and free way to spend some time on the internet. Some of them are even educational. Kids will surely love playing web games online. Just make sure that the website has no adult content in it before allowing your kids to play.

Free Online Strategy Web Games

Online strategy games are another popular type of web game. In these types of games, the player has to make several strategic decisions that will great affect the outcome of the game.

For example, if it is a war game the player will have to decide whether the game city should focus more on building resources or on training soldiers. Every stage of the game requires a decision on the part of the player such as: Which of your troops do you send first in a battle? How many siege engines will you need?

Best Free Online Multiplayer Browser Games

Online multiplayer browser games can be quite massive. Some of them have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of players.

Top Free Online RPG Web Games

RPG web games or role-playing games are also very popular online. In RPG games the player chooses a particular role and plays as that character in the game.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a pirate and sail the seven seas in search of adventure and treasure? Would you like to play as a rich business tycoon who runs a music empire? What about becoming a powerful elf magician or a fearsome barbarian warrior?

All of these are only some of the many kinds of top free online web games, so why don’t you try playing one now?  Try one of the best free web games of 2011. Since its free and you don’t have to download anything, it’s fast and easy to play.

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What are best f2p MMORPGs that don’t need to be downloaded? What’s a the best free to play 3D browser MMORPG?

These two are some of the most recurrent questions that visitors to this blog ask. That’s because these are the simplest type of multiplayer online games to start playing. This  is the type of MMORPGs that you can play on your browser – and it’s free.

So let’s list the benefits of playing f2p (free to play) MMORPGs.

With a regular game you have to buy the game itself then you are required to pay a montly fee. This is all before you even know if you want to play the game. To add insult to injury often the game client takes a very long time to finish downloading and you may have problems getting your computer to play the game.

When it comes to free MMORPGs that are browser based, the player doesn’t have to drive to the game store to purchase a game, instead he can simply start playing it instantly.

So what can people expect from these no download browser MMORPGs?

The top ones have 3d graphics. However, these graphics cannot be expected to be surpass top tier video games but they don’t have to be awful either.

Gameplay is basically the same as with client games. Free Best f2p mmorpg also have the same game mechanics like quests, skills,different races, combat, killing monsters, |quest rewards, etc.

Click on this link to get a list of the best  and newest free MMORPG, no download games. Or try this one:

best f2p mmorpg browser based

Best F2P MMORPG, Browser-Based – Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online is a new free Browser-Based, 3D Sci-Fi MMORPG that was released in February 2011.


  • Choose your side: Play as either Cylons or Humans.
  • State of the art 3D graphics directly in your internet browser window.
  • Free to play, with micropayment options.
  • Action-packed tactical space combat with a huge range of offensive and defensive systems.
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