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Pingback test Raph Koster’s blog

For my first post I wanted to to try to pingback Raph Koster’s latest blog post.

That leads me to conclude that Jason, through his surrender of authorial intent, is actually imposing authorial intent. “Asserting what he feels is valuable about the project” is exactly expressing authorial intent, and is in fact often the worst-regarded form of it in many art circles: telling the audience HOW they are “properly” supposed to enjoy the art.

Actually, many gamers do in fact believe and act as though there was only one true set of rules to follow – whatever gives the most exp per hour/ most damage/ most efficient/ makes the most money/gives the best rewards, etc.

Sure, you could as a player go around just exploring the MMO world and randomly doing quest but sooner or later you will realize there is a faster and easier way to do things …so there you go “the rules” are now in place!

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