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Top 5 Free MMORPG 2011 – Ideas and Opinions

The top 5 free MMORPG of 2011 are those that are either brand new or the best of the more established f2p MMORPG games.

What makes these five the best online role-playing games of 2011?

Firstly, the games have to be really free to play and not paid games with a long free trial. All of these MMOs are totally free to play forever.

Secondly, these games are from different genres like science fiction/ futuristic, fantasy, combat or pvp focused and even an MMO for kids and tweens.
top free combat pvp mmorpg mmo
Thirdly, they have to run smoothly and be free of bugs that can ruin your playing experience.

Fourthly, the game must have a lot of content. This means tons of items, skills and quests in a truly immense game world.

Fifthly, the player base must be large enough so that you can always play with other people. No large but empty worlds here.

Lastly, above all, gameplay must be fun! There’s really no point in playing if there is nothing fun to do.

So what are you waiting for? Click here for the Top 5 Free MMORPG 2011

How can a game really be free?

These MMORPGs get money from a cash shop instead of subscriptions.

So is it truly free if there is a cash shop? Of course it is! You really don’t have to pay for anything if you don’t want to or if you don’t have the money to spend on a game.

Nobody from the game is going to go to your house and steal your wallet. Choosing to pay for extra items is entirely your choice.

Think of this: if the game had no way to make money then it would surely stop updating and close down quite soon. Running a massive online game and regularly developing new content takes a lot of money.

What about if you do decide to pay for items in one of these top 5 free MMORPG games?

For really hardcore, avid gamers, subscription games are better because there is a flat fee for the entire month and they can play as much as they like for that amount of money.

F2P MMORPGs are more for the casual player. With a subscription game, you have to pay the whole monthly fee even if you only want to play for a few hours. Free games, on the other hand, are ideal for the type of player who either doesn’t want to spend any money on a game or does want to spend money but only at certain times.

For example, let’s say a player is a college student. For two weeks there will be lots of exams and deadlines so he will not be able to able to play much for half a month or more. So he only plays for 5 hours in 15 days. Yet this player would still have to pay the same monthly fee as everyone else.

Contrast this with a f2p game. You can drop it whenever you are busy and take it up again whenever you want to. If you don’t feel like paying mone this month then you can just play for free. If, on the other hand, you want get some very nice extra items then you can spend what you like.

That’s why free MMORPG are the best choice for many players so check out this list of the Top Free MMORPGs 2011.

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MicroVolts, the fast and furious MMO-TPS

So there’s a new free game in town, MicroVolts, and it’s not your usual generic fantasy hack-and-slash with shiny exploding magic spells. It’s a Massively Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter (MMOTPS). I have to confess this is the first MMO of that type I have encountered. The game is really fun and fast.

Naomi, a model figure, and the first female doll in the Micro World, is a friendly and charming high school girl.

From the Microvolts game website:

Open beta has been out for two weeks and the game’s population is growing every day. The first official update to MicroVolts was the addition of new server channels to support the growing playerbase.

MicroVolts features fast paced, third person shooter action and pits players against each other in a secret battle that has been waged and going unnoticed right in our own backyard for years.  No one knows for sure when or where the first toy declared war but rumor has it that the uprising began with four original limited edition figures, code named MicroVolts. Battle lines were drawn when Naomi, Knox, Pandora, and C.H.I.P.–the prototypes a–were soon joined by an endless number of modified versions. Now, toy figures around the world are engaged in an all-out war for valuable battery resources and supremacy of the Micro World.  All we can do now is stay out of their way and wait for a champion to be declared!

With a ton of weapons, inventive character designs, and a huge list of customization features, MicroVolts is destined to invigorate and re-energize the Free2play space. Intuitive controls and a third person view make the game easy to play and fun for both newcomers and veterans of shooter games.  Game modes include Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Item Match, Capture the Battery, and many more featuring various maps designed by toy concept. For more information about the game please visit the Microvolts website.

The concept just kills me… a toy war!  Those killer toys must be stopped at all costs!

No grind? It seems they are aiming for the more casual but competitive players.

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Best F2P MMORPG – Perfect World International

New cool video by MMO Worlds, its the Perfect World International gameplay video.

Best F2P MMORPG – Perfect World International

I love the video and it’s super short lol. Notice the female avatars have really large… uh you know.

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Best Free MMORPG Like Maplestory But Better -Dragonica Online

Dragonica Online – Top Free MMORPG Games Like Maplestory

free mmorpg like maplestory but better

Are you looking for a great game that’s like Maplestory? You’ve come to the right place! Let me introduce you to the top free MMORPG that’s like Maplestory – Dragonica Online.

Dragonica is a unique 2D/3D hybrid MMORPG set in a vast fantasy world. The visuals are all modelled entirely in 3D. However, the environments are drawn in 2D and take a side-scrolling form, like MapleStory and LaTale.

Moreover, Dragonica Online has an instance system that makes it superior to Maplestory.

This system enables players to play apart from other players that they do not feel like playing with, either due to bad manners or simple crowding. That, combined with beautiful visuals, in-depth character customization, a world as huge as it is beautiful and a traditional side-scrolling MMO style makes Dragonica Online a game that everyone should try.

Dragonica Online – Top Free MMORPG Games Like Maplestory

best mmorpg free 2dIf you are new to the world of MMOs and looking for a good place to start, then Dragonica Online should certainly be it.

A simple concept combined with simple controls and an “easy-to-learn/hard-to-master” game scheme make it the perfect place to start your journey into free MMORPGs.

Dragonica Online’s finest feature is its visuals. Characters are dressed head to toe in ever changing suits of armor; weapons have their own individual and unique appearances, and each individual skill has its own special effects attached to it. Even the least impressive ones are easily noticed.

So what are you waiting for? Click here – play Dragonica Onlne now, it’s completely free!

from MMO Worlds:

Dragonica Online – Top Free MMORPG Games Like Maplestory

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What are best f2p MMORPGs that don’t need to be downloaded? What’s a the best free to play 3D browser MMORPG?

These two are some of the most recurrent questions that visitors to this blog ask. That’s because these are the simplest type of multiplayer online games to start playing. This  is the type of MMORPGs that you can play on your browser – and it’s free.

So let’s list the benefits of playing f2p (free to play) MMORPGs.

With a regular game you have to buy the game itself then you are required to pay a montly fee. This is all before you even know if you want to play the game. To add insult to injury often the game client takes a very long time to finish downloading and you may have problems getting your computer to play the game.

When it comes to free MMORPGs that are browser based, the player doesn’t have to drive to the game store to purchase a game, instead he can simply start playing it instantly.

So what can people expect from these no download browser MMORPGs?

The top ones have 3d graphics. However, these graphics cannot be expected to be surpass top tier video games but they don’t have to be awful either.

Gameplay is basically the same as with client games. Free Best f2p mmorpg also have the same game mechanics like quests, skills,different races, combat, killing monsters, |quest rewards, etc.

Click on this link to get a list of the best  and newest free MMORPG, no download games. Or try this one:

best f2p mmorpg browser based

Best F2P MMORPG, Browser-Based – Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online is a new free Browser-Based, 3D Sci-Fi MMORPG that was released in February 2011.


  • Choose your side: Play as either Cylons or Humans.
  • State of the art 3D graphics directly in your internet browser window.
  • Free to play, with micropayment options.
  • Action-packed tactical space combat with a huge range of offensive and defensive systems.
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Top Free MMORPG 2011 – Flyff

Top Free MMORPG 2011 – Fly For Fun

Here is a short gameplay video of one of the top free MMORPGs of 2011, Fly for Fun, aka Flyff.

Sorry about the low video quality!

Click here to play Flyff for free –

Fly For Fun is one of the most addicting and charming Free to Play Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games (MMORPG) of 2011. It is one of the first MMORPGs to introduce free roaming flight and it has a vast amount of content that is constantly being updated.

Fly For Fun is a very social game, which is one of the reasons why it is a top free MMORPG of 2011. It’s vibrant community is a joy to play with and offers much in the way of making friends. Quite apart from the gameplay, is an infinitely magical experience when you are having fun and sharing it with other people.

Flyff offers in-depth item customization, engaging combat, seven diverse continents, and over a dozen character classes. Flyff’s unique flying system is easy to learn, fun to use, and gives players access to floating islands and other explorable lands only available through flight. Players can take flight on customizable wings, brooms, boards and many other unique mounts.

That’s why it’s a top free MMORPG of 2011.

Find the more of the best free MMORPGs of 2011 on MMO Worlds.

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New Top Free MMORPG 2011 – Faxion Online Open Beta

There’s a very promising new MMORPG that was launched recently – Faxion Online. It’s in open beta right now and it looks great. Check out this Faxion Online gameplay teaser video I made!

Play Faxion Online now for free –

This game is hot and now is your chance to get in on it from the beginning.

More about Faxion Online, Top Free MMORPG 2011

Now Seeking Players Who Aren’t Afraid To Go To Hell

The open beta test for Faxion Online has started. The upcoming combat-driven MMO that’s free-to-play takes a lighthearted approach to the classic struggle between Heaven and Hell with nonstop action and robust PVP gameplay.

For open beta, a completely new players’ experience will be unveiled for both the heavenly aligned and hellish minions! With the latest iteration of multi-classing capabilities, players will really flex their character building abilities to outwit their rivals; territory control took a front seat in this release, opening up new strategy points to leverage and control in epic open-world PVP.

Faxion Online delivers aggressive and robust PVP game play and a unique territory control system that allows the opposing factions to battle for the fate of the seven deadly sins. Players begin their quest for dominance war-torn Limbo, battling their way through each location in the game represented by the sins. With a unique multi-classing system, players will have the freedom to play the way they want with achievement and glory through adventure and combat.

For more information and to register to play the game visit or find more information about other top f2p MMORPGs.

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