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Games Like Runescape – Top F2P Browser MMO Games 2011 List

Until quite recently, games like Runescape were very hard to find. However, in 2011 there are now quite a few free browser games like Runescape. These games require no download and you don’t have to install anything. Basically, you can play these games on your browser right away for free! Click here for the complete list of the Best Free Games Like Runescape 2011.

What makes these games similar to Runescape?

1.) They are all online games. You can’t play them if you are not connected to the internet. You also cannot download or install any of these games and then play it offline.

2.) These games are all multiplayer and have a large number of people playing them at all times.

3.) They are set in online worlds where you take on a specific role like a warrior, magician, business tycoon, starship captain, etc.

4.) The games have player vs player content and competitive ranking.

5.) There is also a lot of player vs environment content. This refers to things like killing monsters and bosses.

6.) They are all free to play forever, without a limited trial period.

7.) The social part of the game is also very important. You can’t finish and win these games like you would in a console game because there is no set goal. The player simply sets his own goals and plays with others to achieve them.

These seven qualities are what makes a game like Runescape. of course, these games are not exactly like RS. If you want that, then you may want to just play RS.

RS is a very old and established game that has a lot of players. Millions enjoy the game today and no doubt millions more will do so in the future. Although everyday more people join and play the game – everyday people also quit RS and look for other, better free browser games like Runescape.

Most of the time you will just be given a short description of the game, not a long, five page review. Why?

Since you can start playing these games instantly there is no point in wasting time reading about it for ten minutes when you could just spend that time playing the actual game.

Even with the most detailed review you cannot be sure that you will like the game unless you play it yourself. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to do that when the games are free and require no download. Just click on the link, create an account and you can start playing immediately.

It’s worth noting that not too long ago, Runescape was the only game of its kind around. Probably because of its success, other game developers have been quick to imitate its free play model. This means that there are a lot of new browser games to choose from in 2011, so what are you waiting for? Try it now! Click here for more information about the Best Free to Play Browser Games 2011.

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Best Free Web Games, Best Online Multiplayer Browser Games

Are you looking for the best free web games? There are many kinds of top free online multiplayer browser games for every type of player – kids’ games, simulation games, strategy games, farm games, sci-fi games, pirate games and more. The best free web games can be played on your browser totally free and without having to download anything. Click here for the latest Top Free Web Games 2011 list.

Fun Free Web Games

Web games are a great way to entertain yourself when you are bored. It’s free and there no need to download anything although you will probably have to sign up if you want to log in to play a game.

How can these games be free? Well, most of them get their revenue from advertising while a few of the premium games may also offer premium membership items.

Free Kids’ Web Games

There are also tons of free web games for kids. Many are educational games like coloring games, art games, drawing games, cartoon games and the like.

This is a very enjoyable and free way to spend some time on the internet. Some of them are even educational. Kids will surely love playing web games online. Just make sure that the website has no adult content in it before allowing your kids to play.

Free Online Strategy Web Games

Online strategy games are another popular type of web game. In these types of games, the player has to make several strategic decisions that will great affect the outcome of the game.

For example, if it is a war game the player will have to decide whether the game city should focus more on building resources or on training soldiers. Every stage of the game requires a decision on the part of the player such as: Which of your troops do you send first in a battle? How many siege engines will you need?

Best Free Online Multiplayer Browser Games

Online multiplayer browser games can be quite massive. Some of them have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of players.

Top Free Online RPG Web Games

RPG web games or role-playing games are also very popular online. In RPG games the player chooses a particular role and plays as that character in the game.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a pirate and sail the seven seas in search of adventure and treasure? Would you like to play as a rich business tycoon who runs a music empire? What about becoming a powerful elf magician or a fearsome barbarian warrior?

All of these are only some of the many kinds of top free online web games, so why don’t you try playing one now?  Try one of the best free web games of 2011. Since its free and you don’t have to download anything, it’s fast and easy to play.

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Best New Free MMORPG – High Budget, Triple-A

best free mmorpgPlayers who love free MMORPGs have a treat in store for them as Allods Online, the new top tier free MMORPG, was officially launched on May 11th, 2011. Allods Online was developed for four years with a budget of $12 million. The amazing graphics were designed by award-winning artists and the animations were all fully motion-captured.

It’s a great time to start playing Allods Online because the launch will be celebrated in-game with a special event for all players. Special anniversary coins will be scattered across the universe of Sarnaut. The coins can be traded with merchants at capital cities for a variety of high-quality in-game gifts. These include special wings, fireworks, outfits and even a unique light grey wolf mount. The coins will be available for a month from, May 15, 2011 to June 14, 2011.

Click here to create an account and start playing Allods Online.

For newcomers to the game, beginners’ packages, filled with many useful free items from the Boutique, will be automatically offered to every character that completes the starter zone, including a larger backpack. As they progress, additional packages will be unlocked every few levels until the character reaches level 30. Players will be able to enjoy over 2,000 quests at launch, with much more still to come.

Allods Online is a triple-A MMORPG, meaning it’s a high budget gamed developed by an experienced gaming company, in this case it is Mail.Ru whose portfolio includes internally developed hits like Legend: Legacy of the Dragons as well as successful international licenses such as Perfect World II, Lord of the Rings Online, Fly For Fun, Jade Dynasty (Zhu Xian), Cross Fire and ZhengTu Online.

Commenting on the launch, Vincent Douvier, Executive Producer of Allods Online at Gala Networks said:

“It’s been a long road for Allods Online’s beta period, but we’re hugely proud of what we’ve achieved in working with Astrum Nival and we can definitively say that Allods Online has everything that defines a modern, Triple-A MMORPG. The depth of content is astounding, the degree of customisation and personalisation is amazing and the Allods universe is richer in terms of lore and quests than 90% of MMOs currently on the market – and it remains free to play without subscription or any hidden costs.”

For more information and to discover Allods Online and the world of Sarnaut for free, click here to register accounts and download the full game.

This news was brought to you by the Best Free MMORPG 2011 – New and Upcoming Games List.

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