I’m making money from Triond!

03 Jul

Triond is great, you can publish your stuff there and also earn money. People who already have their own website or blog won’t need to earn money on a third-party website like Triond but for those people who are looking for a place to post their stuff an earn money online from writing what they love, Triond is the best.

It’s free to join, of course. Here’s an example of what your published work will look like:

Free MMORPG 2011 – Gameolosophy

You will not be limited to writing about free games. Writers are allowed to write about any topic that interests them. Check out this other example on a different topic:

TCM & Acupuncture for Bronchitis, Chest Congestion: Is It Really Effective?

Notice that the look of the published article is different depending on what topic you write about. You can also see that there are ads. When visitors click on those ads you can earn money. 🙂

Join Triond now, it’s free and fun to use.

Here is another post about it: Freelance Writers – Make Money Online with Triond

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