Award-Winning Iron Grip Series Update News

06 Jul

As part of the latest patch for Iron Grip: Marauders, the Top Free Browser MMO Online War Strategy Game players will be getting access to two hero units (they will also have the chance to control their ally Farlix and his customized heavy tank, but we won’t go into detail about him here). These units will be available to all players, high or low level, and although they will be most useful to lower level players, no-one should dismiss them out of hand.

About the Iron Grip:Marauders Update

Emilia is a sniper who deals a lot of damage with each shot, especially against soft targets. If she doesn’t have to move or deploy in a turn, she can fire twice. As well as her skill with a sniper rifle, Emilia is also an experienced scout with a long view range, so she can spot for the rest of your army if you need her to. That said, she can fire even further than she can see, so if you want to keep her safe she can support your forces comfortably from behind your lines.

Vancer is a veteran tank commander, who fights from a customized tank destroyer. Like all tank destroyers, it has long range and a powerful cannon which will tear through enemy armor. But Vancer is far more survivable than normal tank destroyers, and while the quality of his vehicle may not be that much better than average (he’s a commander and not a mechanic, after all), he knows several tricks and techniques that keep him and his crew in the fight long after any similar vehicle would have been disabled.

Even if you don’t plan on making use of Emilia or Vancer, there are three individuals out there with similar talents, but who are less friendly to you. You may run into one of these ‘anti-heroes’ in battle. Osmanov commands a customized Royal Artillery, Cosper has equipped his heavy tank with a rocket turret, and Hassletot uses her fast raiding vehicle with dual machineguns to harass enemy forces and cut down infantry. Watch out for them, because they will show your troops no mercy.

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