World’s Largest Teen Virtual Community and Social Game

08 Jul

So which games are breaking records for having the most number of players registered or online? Well, Habbo Hotel for one! Habbo Hotel is the world’s largest teen virtual community and social game, with more than 200 million registrations. Sooo many players means lots and lots of fun!

Habbo Hotel is a game like the Sims where you control a virtual person in the game. It’s sort of a cross between a life sim and a role playing game. Since it’s online, a large part of it is all about social interaction like chatting and playing the game with other people.

It sound simple but the figure “200 million” really speaks for itself. Click here to play Habbo Hotel now.

Each individual registration equals one virtual character called a “Habbo.” The 200 millionth Habbo was created during the first week of January in in the US.

Habbo Hotel was founded in 2000. Since then, it has expanded worldwide, and currently has users from more than 150 countries globally.

Its 10th anniversary was celebrated in 2010. It was also the site’s most successful year, as 42 million registered characters logged in, representing one-fifth of the total Habbos ever created. These characters spent over 400 million hours enjoying the social game and community over the entire year.

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