Gaming for Kids

08 Aug

Whenever video games are talked about, there is always a parent screaming “won’t anybody think about the children!” in the background – oh wait a minute that isn’t even real, that a scene from the Simpsons…

Anyway, the fact is that people are divided on the issue of games for kids. I personally feel that kids should make their own fun and should be given time for free play, not video games.

Alas, if you go around your local school you will probably see kids as young as 4 or 5 going around with handheld gaming consoles playing the latest popular game. Then fights will break out because no one wants so share and the weakest kid never gets a turn.

Think of the children, indeed.

On the other hand, some people do say that games are pretty harmless and I do agree that this is generally true. It would be nice if kids would go outside and play but sometimes this just isn’t possible either because of safety concerns or the weather. Nor do I believe that violent video games will make nice kids crazy and start going on a mad rampage of killing and blood.

Recently I have been blogging about free to play MMO games, these are online multi-player games with some role-playing and it’s set in a persistent world, i.e. a virtual world that is hosted on a server that doesn’t go away when you close the game on your PC.

Now, MMO games have a particular attraction for children. However since it is online this presents a problem because it is not safe for kids to spend a lot of unsupervised time online. The solution is to have children play only child-safe, kid-friendly MMORPG games that are designed for them.

I personally like Wizard 101, it’s a fun magical fantasy game like Harry Potter. The thing about this game is that like Harry Potter both kids and adults like it. Phew! Problem solved. Visit the Wizard 101 official website to see what I am talking about.

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