MMORPGs Are Super Annoying Sometimes

09 Aug

MMORPGs are so super annoying sometimes. I mean, there you are, a long-time player who has been around for quite some time and some player gets in your face about something. Really, it’s enough to make a person rage quit and start playing single player PC games instead. That just wouldn’t happen on an offline game.

Do you actually love playing multi-player or are you like some people I know who play MMOs like it’s single-player, with chat off and no social interaction?

That’s an idea I could just play but turn off all the social features! Hmph now all I need are some good free MMORPG games online that can be played solo.

And in other news, what’s up with SWTOR? If you don’t know what SWTOR is then you obviously don’t follow MMORPG news at all because Star Wars: The Old Republic is pretty much all people are talking about right now.

I myself don’t really get all this Star wars fanboy enthusiasm for SWTOR. I do like the original movie series of SW but IMO the franchise has been seriously weakened by the new movies because they suck. I still shudder whenever I think about that awful Jar Jar Binks. What on earth was Lucas thinking?? Argh, getting annoyed again…

The Worst Thing About Star Wars

The Worst Thing About Star Wars

So yeah, I would be okay with it if SWTOR turns out to be a WoW-killer (the game that finally topples WoW from the top position) but I’m not sure that will really happen.

What do you think? Is SWTOR the next big thing in MMO gaming?

I hope no one has forgotten the other Star Wars MMORPG, Star Wars Galaxies. That game is closing down this year to make way for the new one. I’m sure we all hope that all of the people behind SWTOR have learned from the mistakes that were made in SWG and will make SWTOR a better game.

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