No One Ever Roleplays in MMORPGs

12 Aug

Why does no one ever roleplay in the MMORPGs that I play? It’s almost like an unspoken rule in most MMO games that I have played that role-playing is not cool. No one ever creates a character or talks in character.

RPG Gaming is Like That

RPG - It's not Evil All the Time

I think it’s because of the grind. People are always saying stuff like “guys stop playing!” when you goof off. Pretty ironic if you ask me but that’s how it is. Even in the best free online RPG games I have played people seem to find it better to always go for experience and leveling up rather than role-playing.

Well, that is except for one particular thing – online romance. For some reason the same people who would scoff at you saying “let us go to yonder tavern and chat over a pint of ale” if you were role-playing (which to them is the same as “wasting time”) think that it’s okay to talk mushy romance to people of the opposite sex that they meet online.

I mean, leaving aside the problem of finding out whether or not the other player really is of the opposite sex, why do they think it’s okay to spout ridiculous lines like:

Are you an archer? Because you put an arrow through my heart.
I have epic gear, wanna go on a date?

And they say role-playing is corny!

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