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27 Aug

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or MMOGs, are very popular right now. There is something incredibly entertaining about immersing one’s self in a virtual world of magical dangers and high fantasy.

You might be the adventurer who would brave the most dangerous perils and scary places to slay the evil creatures and lay claim to untold wealth. Or you could be the mage who will become the most powerful mage in the whole land. Or maybe the dark lord who will rule the many continents.
With MMORPGs, you can be anyone and anything, you want to be.

There are no limits except your imagination. Click here for the top free RPG Adventure MMO Games.

The problem is that not many MMOGs come free to play. Often, you’d have to pay for the MMORPG game itself, in addition to the monthly subscription fee. Do you want to pay good money for something people can play for free?

So many devout gamers have searched far and wide for the best free to play MMORPG games that are worth their time. It used to be that most of the free to play MMORPG games sucked but this is not true anymore. Nowadays the some of the top game companies have created top-of-the-line free to play MMO games. In addition some previously membership games have switched over to free to get more new players.

Is there a catch?

You might be wondering are these MMOGs free. The reason is simple, they operate on a different different business model compared to premium games. This is is “freemium” business model where almost all the content is given to gamers for free apart from a few paid or premium content.

In other words, when a gamer starts playing, everything is given free similar to a free trial except without the time limit. Then as the gamer levels up there may be some premium items or expansion packs offered for more advanced players. These expansion packs or items are always optional and are merely offer additional content.

Quite a few of these premium items are purely for the looks that give no any special bonuses, they are there just to make your character look good.

To give a concrete example, all free players will have to use the boring-looking steel sword but there might be a awesome-looking ice sword for those who want to buy it. The generic-looking steel mace has exactly the same equipment stats as the fun-looking glowing sword – people are paying for just to have the better-looking equipment.

Does that sound good to you? Free to play MMO games are ideal for casual players who only play occasionally because they don’t want to pay for a game they will not log into everyday. It’s also great for teenaged players who can’t pay for a lot of online games.

Those are the top reasons why players are attracted to playing these RPG adventure type of free MMORPG online games.

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