Say Goodbye to Monthly Subscriptions with Free to Play Browser MMORPGs

06 Sep

I’m sure everybody would do away with monthly subscription fees for MMORPG games if they could. Nowadays free browser MMORPG games like Runescape are the most popular type of MMOs, with millions logging in everyday to play for free.

Everybody loves playing MMORPG games. How can players resist? Most MMO games offer huge worlds to explore and have many 1000’s of fellow gamers to play and team up to achieve objectives, or even to fight for treasure and bragging rights. These types of strategy MMO games have taken the gaming world by storm and millions of gamers|avid gamers} across the country play at least one MMORPG, if not more. However, a lot of them need month-to-month subscription fees and sadly that may be a deal breaker for many people. Luckily for individuals who are tired of spending monthly fees to fuel their adventuring requirements, there are many free MMOs that demand no month-to-month membership ever. In fact, one of the biggest advantages of these multiplayer games is that if you decide that the one you downloaded isn’t right for you, you have risked nothing except the time it took to obtain and install the game.

games like runescape

MMORPG games like Runescape you can play on your browser.

These f2p MMOGs rely on an ingame item shop to pay for their servers and updates to keep content fresh. The item shop is completely optional, players can play for as long as you want without ever having to spend a dime on it. However, those who shell out dollars on the cash store typically will be able to enjoy some items that help improve character customization such as special hairstyles, eye colors, emotes, and so forth. while gamers who do not spend money will have to be satisfied with the default character looks and animations.

Those looking to spend the least amount of funds possible be wise to just buy extra storage space. F2P MMORPGs are known for limiting storage capabilities right off the bat to entice gamers to buy more inventory slots for easier gameplay. When you decide how much storage space you need then any additional spending is totally up to you.

The main benefit of the cash store is commonly the cosmetic items. Gamers often love to dress their avatars and there will be no shortage of clothing to make sure that you will be playing in style. Many of these equipment are basically just costumes that make your character look stylish. They equip over your equipment and contain no extra stat bonuses.

Another popular item in the cash shop are pets. Pets are usually just a little animal companion that follows the player around. While some may help you fight mobs, most are there just for the look of things because they are cute. Pets can range from your standard cat or dog, to exotic creatures like tigers, robots, leprechauns, or even monsters like zombies, ghouls, ice monsters, etc. There is normally minigames involved with your pets such as giving them pet food and petting the pets to keep your companion happy. Pets are completely optional and you never need to purchase a pet.

f2p mmorpg like runescape

Free MMORPGs sometimes even offer you items you can purchase with real income instead of game currency such as potions and even elixirs that give you temporary boosts to experience points or luck to increase your drop rate. While most of these types of items can be bought using the game currency, they can be very expensive if your character has not identified a good way to increase funds. Speaking of funds, if you’re broke in the game world, but not so broke in real life, you can typically purchase game currency for real money to give by yourself the advantage of not having to shell out time raising funds in the game.

If you are looking to get involved in an MMORPG but do not wish to spend dollars on membership fees, a free to play one might be the ticket for you. There are hundreds out there, so research a little bit on which ones are your type. The best thing about all of this is that if ever you decided that you don’t like the MMORPG, you did not spend any cash on it so you lost nothing but a little bit of time.

Check out MMO World’s list of games like Runescape if you want to try out some no download browser MMORPGs.

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