Best Free MMO Games 2012! Woohoo!

20 Oct

I am currently in the process of writing a best free 2012 MMO games list. It will either be top 10 games or just as many as I want. I am still doing some research but so far I have these games on the draft.

Upcoming MMO Games 2012 (both pay and free to play)

best mmo games 2012Star Wars: The Old Republic
– alright, so it won’t be free to play but I’m sure all MMO watchers know that it’s pretty common for MMOs to launch as paid then become f2p later

Guild Wars 2
– hmm not sure if it really qualifies? With GW2 you will need to pay once for the game then no more payments after that.

– not much news about this new MMO game by Blizzard (the makers of World of Warcraft) but this game has gotten a lot of buzz lately. No news on whether it will be f2p or not.

World of Darkness Online
– Vampire: The Masquerade MMO. Pricing model is unknown for this but really with WoW dominating the market and many top games like LotR and AoC goign f2p, how likely is it that World of Darkness will be a traditional subscription game? IMO, not very likely.

The Secret World
– I love the trailers they released. Looks like it is going to kick ass! Might be free to play, the developers are being cagey about revealing their pricing model.

Transformers Universe
– another franchise game. There are a lot of those being developed. Free to play for sure as it is being made by Jagex (creator of Runescape) who are famous for their free to play games.

Torchlight MMO
– definitely free to play out of the box.

Neverwinter MMO
– free to play and this game franchise is a favorite of RPG fans so a lot of people are looking forward to playing this game.

Fallout MMO
– seems like this title has had some legal problem with different companies fighting over its IP.

I am currently doing research on the following games that seem like they are going to be f2p and released in 2012: Wizardry Online and Marvel Universe MMO.

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