MMO Games: Do You Play Solo or With Friends?

22 Oct

I was reading a new article about an upcoming MMORPG and the game developer was actually going on about how people could play it totally solo.

One of the things we really had to look at is how people play the game. If you look at studies, you’ll find that even though a person says they’re playing a game a particular way, about 40% of people in MMOs play by themselves. (Source)

solo play mmorpgs

MMORPG players like to play with themselves - Oops I meant play *by* themselves 🙂

Now my reaction to this is always “if you want to play solo, then buy a video game! it’s cheaper and faster to finish.” I mean, I just don’t get why people would even play an MMO game if they wanted a solo experience?

This got me to think: exactly how much of the MMOs I play do I play in groups? Or, to put it another way, how much of my time playing is spend with at least one other player?

Actually, as it turns out, I play solo most of the time! Wow, maybe I should play FFVIII on my PC instead?

Nah, I play solo 90% of the time but the other 10% I play with others is great and even when I “solo” I’m constantly chatting with people and I would miss that if I played a single player game.

Here is an interesting article about playing MMORPGs with friends.

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