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MMORPGs – You Say It Sucks But You Keep on Playing

This is a response to a comment we received here about one of the games we featured. Here is the comment from the website visitor “NoName”:

In regards to Runes of Magic, I’ve played it for almost a whole year. While I is a good f2p mmo, there are constantly problems within this game.

It is constantly riddled with bugs of one sort or another that can range from being unable to complete a quest to a processing error that automatically crashes the game. Also, if you into pvp, it is good, but still highly unbalanced as some classes have a much easier time slaying others as compared to the remaining classes. The in-game economy can be awful as well, but that varies from server to server. End-game wise, it becomes more and more apparent that you will need to spend real money if you want even decent gear for end-game activities unless you’re luck and get free handouts from players leaving the game. I would say my biggest gripe is that the developer, runewalker, normally takes weeks or months to fix bugs or errors. Some known problems that still persist existed even before I joined RoM.

Overall, gameplay isn’t bad, but there are many upon many small issues that will eventually annoy and enrage players (I know of some big players in my server who left for other games), which historically takes quite a while to fix.

Would I recommend this game to others? I’d say take a shot at it as there are good friends to be made in there, but ultimately, not worth it as this game still requires a lot of polishing and there are no signs that fixes/balances will come anytime soon.

First of all, thanks for the comment. I (this is Percy) really appreciate the time you took to write out a mini review that clearly outlines the your points.

Secondly, I think this comment shows your own opinion or evaluation of the game and when it comes to personal opinion, there is not right or wrong. Likewise when I said Runes of Magic is one of the top free MMO games in 2012 I don’t think this is a fact. It’s my opinion.

Thirdly, hmm so you played RoM for a year but you think it is not worth playing?

This is actually very common among MMO players. They play a game for ages and then get disenchanted with it. These former players are some of the most vocal critics of the game. Often they will say something like “oh yeah it used to be good but now it sucks” or “I played that game for ages but it’s not really worth playing.”

IMO, if you played it for a year then your actions show that it is worth playing. Free to play MMOs like Runes of Magic are not Facebook games. You can’t just play it right away. You have to register for an account, download the game, install it and then play.

About the other points:

“constantly riddled with bugs” – I have no idea what you mean by that. Almost all games have minor bugs but RoM is not unplayable and I have not encountered any huge game-breaking bugs.

“some classes have a much easier time slaying others as compared to the remaining classes” – eh, true but it’s like that in most games

“you will need to spend real money” – This is the perennial complaint of players of practically every single free to play MMO game in the market. Of course, most full-featured 3D MMORPG games have some nice stuff in the cash shop but NoName did say that this is only really an issue in the end game. Call me jaded but if you can play a f2p game totally for free until end game/max level content, well that is good enough!

It’s not exactly free to develop a game like Runes of Magic that has great graphics, tons of content and millions of players. I think the cash shop items are pretty well balanced in that most people except for the upper 5% or so who max out won’t really need to spend real life money at all. Even at end game you can get by with spending just a small amount of cash.

Those are my thoughts, please feel free to voice out your own opinion but keep it polite.

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