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Blacklight: Retribution Is the Newest FPS in Town

Hi guys. It’s spring and there are quite a few new MMO games that have been released recently. In my capacity as official staff writer of MMO Worlds I have to keep an eye out for new updates, expansions and launches.

The most recent one is Blacklight: Retribution (BLR) which is a sequel to Blacklight: Tango Down. BLR is a first-person shooter game which is a rather big problem for me since I never play FPS games. I mean, I’m just too slow and newb to play shooters. I get frustrated and start hating the game. So I palmed off the review to someone else. 🙂

The official website is at

Anyway, the reason I mentioned this is that I want to go on record to say this:

If you dislike a particular genre, for goodness sake, don’t review it! As a reviewer you should stay objective. If you cannot be objective then refuse the work and ask someone else to write the review. It’s not that hard. You aren’t the only reviewer in town.

Lots of gaming fans hate MMORPGs and that’s fine. People are entitled to their opinion. MMOs are not for everyone. However, for reviewers this presents a problem if you have to review one. My advice: don’t do it.

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