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MMORTS News – Iron Grip

Iron Grip: Marauders update news! Hero Units have been added to the online strategy game  The Hero Units are one of the most important components in another extensive upgrade of the game aimed to even further improve the gameplay.

Hero Units

Gamers now get the opportunity to play with three different Hero Units. The elite sniper Emilia and Vancer, commander of a veteran tank destroyer, are stronger than regular units and will be at the player’s disposal to aid them throughout Iron Grip: Marauders. Farlix is a special hero who will be present in some missions, with his customized heavy tank. Players will need all the help they can get, because the AI has also acquired a number of Hero Units.

New Units and Structures

Several regular units have also been added. The battle-hardened Elite Troopers and the devastating power of the Rocket Artillery provide gamers with the necessary punch to turn a battle in their favor. The Baron Artillery Tower MK4, on the other hand, can transform any base into an impenetrable stronghold.

Marauder Bosses

Finally, the number of Marauder Bosses has been increased from five to nine. So, gamers should be vigilant, as Telura Geen, Davos the Mighty, Big Rikk and Kaddus Sterne have joined the ranks of those looking for easy prey among the players of Iron Grip: Marauders.

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